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Benefits of Kettlebell training and the Kettlebell Revolution by Chris Lopez

Over the years there have literally been hundreds and hundreds of fitness and strength training fads that have come and gone. Through these times the Kettlebell has hung in there. This proves that the individuals who are using Kettlebells are seeing results, that is why you can find a set of Kettlebells in Martial arts centers as well as Crossfit and commercial gyms.

But what is the Kettlebell and how does it work?
The Kettlebell is simply a round lump of cast iron with a flat base and a handle. Due to the handle being on the top of the weight the center of gravity is extended resulting in the participant being able to perform a variety of explosive movements. Explosive movements are definetly needed in Judo, BJJ and MMA events therefore Kettlebells can be something all fighters can look into.
When fitness trainers ask me why I train with Kettlebells I simply tell them the following:
They take up very little room
I leave my Kettlebell in the trunk of my car and if I don't have enough time in my lunch break to go to the gym, I take out the Kettlebell and perform one of the workouts in this manual.
Compound movements
Kettlebells are effective because they don't isolate one muscle group (like machine weights) but target various muscle groups at once. Whether you are a striker or a grappler you can appreciate the need to be strong using compound movements opposed to isolated movements such as a bicep curl.
Functional Strength
Have you ever wrestled someone who can barely bench press 60lbs but when you have wrestled them they are as strong as an Ox? That's functional strength. Put simply - it's being strong when it matters most. I cna tell you right now I would rather be as as strong as an ox on the mat and weak in the gym then being strong in the gym and weak on the mat. Lets get strong in the areas we need.
Targets stabilizer muscles
The Kettlebell targets your stabilizer muscles because it is an uneven weight. Therefore we have to work extra hard to push, pull and control it. Having stronger stabilizing muscles will also assist in injury prevention and stronger joints- this is fantastic for power generation.
Your Heart rate will sky rocket
Performing 5-10 Minutes of the Kettlebell swing will have you wishing you were doing the cross-country instead. Exercises such as the Swing and clean and press will really test your strength endurance. And the higher you can get your heart rate the fitter you will become!
Strengthens your glutes
The Kettlebells signature technique "the Swing" targets your glutes, which is an area of the body that is neglected by most athletes and trainers. The Kettlebell 10
Swing not only strengthens the glutes which will develop a lot more power in the lower body and hips.
Full body movements
Each exercise targets more than half your body. Whether you are performing a swing, squat pull or overhead press you will always be using more than one muscle group. This is great for strikers and grapplers as we are constantly using more than one muscle when fighting.
Grip strength
Gripping the handle for 5 Minutes will have your forearms screaming.
Turkish Get ups are one of the best exercises for grapplers
Unilateral training
Have one arm stronger than the other? Simply perform more reps on one side.
Increased fat loss
Whether you are using Kettlebells or not, working out a higher intensity will burn more calories during exercise. Great for people who want to lose weight and tone up.
In the end Kettlebells are just a tool in your tool belt. This simply means that Kettlebells aren't the be all and end of strength and conditioning. There are many different types of training methods and techniques and training with Kettlebells will definitely assist in your fitness and conditioning as well as core strength but it won't target every trainers individual needs.
Here are a few Workouts I like to do with my Kettlebell.
Workout 1:
50 Kettlebell swings
20 Burpees
Repeat as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Workout 2:
60 Clean and Presses (30 Each hand)
200 Skips
40 Clean and Presses (20 Each hand)
150 Skips
20 Clean and Presses (10 Each hand)
100 Skips
10 Clean and Presses (5 Each hand)
50 Skips
Repeat three rounds with a 5 minute break in between each set
TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System by Chris Lopez.

There is a fantastic new eBook called TT Kettlebell Revolution Fat Loss System by Chris Lopez.
Chris Lopez has partnered up with Craig Ballantyne, the creator of Turbulence Training, to produce The Turbulence Training (TT) Kettlebell Workouts Fat Loss System. Turbulence Training for those of you who don't know, has been used by thousands of men and women to lose weight and gain rock hard bodies. Craig Ballantyne's programs have been read by millions of men and women in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, Women's Health, Oxygen, and Prevention magazine.
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The author, Chris Lopez, is obviously very passionate about Kettlebells. Throughout the book, he enthusiastically explains how one can lose weight and get a rock hard body with only kettlebells. Working with kettlebells allows you to workout anytime and anywhere and you will still get better results than any machine. Most kettlebell workouts take no longer than 30 minutes. They don't need to be any longer than that.
At 121 pages, the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution Workouts Fat Loss System is funny, easy to read and extremely comprehensive going from nutrition, recovery to workouts.
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