Monday, August 23, 2010

NSW International Open

Last weekend was the NSW Open. I heard there was going to be some foreigners fighting the -60kg weight division so i decided to fight 60s and have a good crack at them. Turned out none that we entered actually competed but i still had a few tough fights on hand.
I made weight well again this week (thanks to the weigh in the day before) although the fitness first didn't turn the sauna on so i sat in there for a full 45-50 minutes before i started to sweat. Not fun at all.
Also at the competition it seemed the official scales were slightly off and i had to run for 20 minutes to make sure i lost the extra 400grams the scales said i weighed.

The competition started at 830am which was great as the entire day was well and finished by 3pm. My first fight was Katz a young up and coming fighter from NSW. He is very fast but after a few exchanges i threw him for ippon with a ko soto style of throw.
Next fight was against Josh Cook from QLD. (formerly a 66kg player taking advantage of the day before weigh in.) Josh actually beat me by a yuko at last years NSW open when i was fighting in 66kg so i decided that this time i would get him back for beating me last time.
We had a really good fight left vs right and his style vs mine but i ended up catching him on the ground with a Ude garami at which he tapped out and i won the match.

My final match was against a German bloke who now lives in QLD. He is fast, has a good drops seoi nage and likes pickups as well. I controlled the whole fight with grips and got him up in the air a few times with uchimata and harai goshi etc. I really shut down his seoi nage and foot sweeps and after the five minute match i won the fight by a yuko from a throw and 2 penalties while he only had 1 yuko from a throw that i stupidly walked onto.

All in all a good comp for me, and im looking foward to fighting this Friday in Miami world cup.

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  1. dear matt
    you are amazing and i love you :)
    love forever, sam xxx