Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miami World cup- my result

Man i hate writing blogs about when i lose. It so much better writing ones about me winning and doing everything i wanted to do in each fight and controlling my opponents and winning.
Fact of the matter is that this weekend i did not fight to the best of my ability at all. I drew a Canadian guy who was about a foot shorter than me. This suited my style of fighting rather well. I knew that a fighter that short would like to drop for drop seoi so i knew i had to control his sleeves to stop the seoi from even starting.

I havent had a chance to have a look at the video but turns out he threw me for a waza ari with a leg pickup after a scramble and i dont know whether it was actually legal or not. He ended up getting the score so it must have been. Its just very off-putting when you are getting thrown with something that may be borderline but i guess its the judo of today and i just have to put up with it.

He fought for a bit longer and he ended up ducking my top hand and throwing me with a ura nage (suplex) style throw, i tried to turn and land on top of him but he ended up on his side and me on my back, therefore he got the ippon score. He ended up fighting right through and winning a bronze medal.

Anyway this sunday we have the US Open where i will redeem myself and win a medal.

My weight division results where
1st Pessoa Canada
2nd Will Canada
3rd Breton Luduc Canada
3rd javier Guedez VEN.

Other Aussies also fought today.
Ivo Dos santos fought a hard battle to a Peruvian and lost by a yuko and a wazari.
Nicola 73 won one with drop seoi and lost one.
Dennis Iverson won 2 and lost 2 placing 7th.
Sara collins won 1 lost 2 placing 7th
Kylie koenig lost first round to dodgy refs not penalising her opponent dropping 17 times.
Emily bensted placed 5th after a heaps of wins and losses
Carli Renzi also placed 5th after a great of fighting as well.

Today we have the rest of the team competing.

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  1. head up champion, get em at US OPen. Great to see some fantastic results from the team pass on my congratulations.


    Ben Broadhead