Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vladimir Putin doing judo

I knew Putin did Judo and that he likes it alot. I didnt know that he had an instructional dvd out, his technique looked ok but i was surprised at a few things on the videos below.
The first one was that although its judo in russia all i saw was uchimatas, harais and tomoe nages. No pickups kata gurumas leg grabs etc.
The second i found interesting was the cleanliness of the dojo and the awesome facilities they had
and lastly i noticed they all wore the same colour gi, there was no mismatched colours which is so often said to be russian.

I did find it funny how in the background there was Gadanov, Makarov, Tmenov and Isaev and all the kids were getting Putin autograph. I know he is still quite popular but it was funny because im only intesrested in judo.

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