Friday, January 29, 2010

Driving to Adelaide

after another late session last night at dominance we finally had a day off (if you could call it that.) Although we didn't train today the drive to Adelaide from Melbourne has really taken it out of me.
Ivo, Rioske (Japanese guy) and I did about 2 hours driving each with ivo doing 2 stints. I'm in an interesting situation for this weekend.
The first one is my weight. I arrived here after lunch and a stack of diet coke vanilla at 64.3kg. So i am 1.7kg underweight for the -66kg cut off.

So you could say that i should just eat a stack of food and get a bit heavier. But I'm still dieting for the ACT open on in 2 weeks time. So although usually i would eat up and get up to weight, i took it easy only ate what i needed to eat and didn't over indulge, (especially when Maccas is across the road.)

Its getting to the end of my trip now and i am keen to go home and have a rest for a while, sleep in my bed, hang in my lounge room, look at my fish in my fish tank swimming around.

Tonight I'm just gonna hang out, read my new book (the Andromeda strain by Michael Crichton) and get a good sleep and fight hard tomorrow night at bash for cash

i thought i would leave you with another picture and quote

"It's not enough to have to make the other guy lose."

above Joe steveron vs bj penn

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