Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tapering and off to fight

This weekend i am competing in Australia's first ever judo prize money competition. 2008 Olympian Steve Brown is running the event in the hope of making judo more spectator friendly and more exciting.
there are 3 weight divisions -66kg -73kg and over 81kg. There are a max of eight per weight division so there should be some exciting fights.
This week has been another awesome week of training down here in Melbourne. On Sunday my wife came down and we went and watched the tennis at the Australia Open, it was pretty fun but a little bit too hot for my liking. On Tuesday i attended the Dominance Open mat and was a bit disappointed not many bjj guys turned up, there were more judo players, which is ok as that is what i am here to do.

I did have the pleasure of fighting gym owner Cameron Rowe who is a bjj black belt who tapped me left right and centre. It was a good biff (very one sided) but his guard passing technique and control was spot on and i felt like a guy at his first training session.
This week was good at Ivos club in moonee ponds and then back to dominance for some more good fights and working on a few techniques.

Link to Ivos club
I am very greatful for all the guys who atytend and visited WJA in order to help ivo and i prepare for the upcoming competitions.

Today we were lucky enough to go and train at Essendon football club. Stewart, a guy from Western judo Acadmey is Essendons strength and conditioning coach so we were allowed access to go in there and do some judo with him. It was such an awesome expeirnce to see the facility and professionalism that goes into a sport as elite as AFL. I took some photos to show people who are interested.
Tomorrow we are off driving to Adelaide, should be pretty hot down there. My weight is good as i am dieting for the ACT open in a few weeks time so i will make weight pretty comfortably.
Due to the fact t there is no -60kgs weight division i will be fighting up a weight at -66kg, it will be tough with a Japanese, a Frenchman,a German as well as a few highly ranked Aussies.
Fights are 3 minutes long with walk out music and all. Mine is Superman theme song..haha pretty cool
Now I'm off to bed
have an awesome day

Thought id leave you with a quote and a picture to go with it.

"You will miss 100% of the shots you didn't take."

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