Friday, January 8, 2010

Back into training

I have had a pretty busy last week and a half. With Christmas New years and catching up with my best Mate alex and Hazel up in Brisbane its time to come back and bust my but for some hard training.
My main training partner Oren is back from his overseas trip so today we are off to do some throwing and get our repetitions up with the new techniques we both have been working on.
Im a bit heavy at the moment, i have been doing alot of those battle ropes at the gym and although they are great for upper body conditioning for judo i think that they have really bulked up my biceps and shoulders. So its time to start the more explosive short lifts and the diet begins. I never really look forward to dieting but at the start you go to the shops and you buy all these really healthy stuff and your like yeah this time dieting is going to be easy. Then 1 week later your completely over it, vegetables only taste so good for a short while.

Its going to be a very big year this year, and the first few months are going to be tough. Have bash 4 cash, ACT open, wrestling nationals and hopefully abu dhabi trials asd well as starting second year of uni and travelling up to Sydney to see the UFC (woo hoo.)

I'm really looking forward to competing again and i have already had many people mention to me that with these new rules im up the creek without a paddle. I am also quick to remind them that i ha vent throw someone with kata guruma in competition for nearly 2 years now, so how am i stuffed with this new rule?

Im looking forward to the year. im looking forward to training hard and reaping the benefits. When i was running the Underground gym i made a poster that i have put below

Work Hard and become a leader, be lazy and never succeed. Proverbs 12:24

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