Friday, January 8, 2010

Kosei Inoue DVD Boxset

This year i was given a Christmas present from my sponsor pat from
He sent me up the new kosei Inoue DVD. i must say out of all the DVDs out there it is not one i would have bought. This is because 1 Inoue is a heavyweight and 2 he does uchimatas and harai goshis and i don't do any of those sorts of throws.
But after receiving these DVDs and watching them over a few days they are really incredible.
Inoue was world champion 3 times as well as winning the Sydney Olympics all fights by ippon. And the winning throw he performed in the final is one of the best throws in history, a perfect uchimata against a fantastic opponent in Nicholas Gill.
The DVDs come in a pack of three and are made by fighting films. It has 3 DVDs titled Uchimata, Judoka and Samurai.
Inoue talks about his life his ups and downs as well as winning and losing and about how hard it was to move to +100kg etc.
His other DVDs are about his different entries for uchimata as well as harai ososot ouchi, seoi nage and the clock choke. He runs through each technique with Neil Adams commentating and then shows a few competition examples as well. The only bad thing is at times you think the only people he is fighting is Lemere and Lepre 2 top guys he ran into at almost every tournament. The techniques are broken down into sections, upper body, hips and footwork and Inmoue really does leave nothing out.

Each dvd goes for 80minutes so all up its 4 hours of footage (hence why i took 3 days to watch them all fully.)
If anyone has some spare money and doesn't know what to buy i definitely recommend the Inoue dvds.
You can get it here

Video of Comp examples of Inoue

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