Friday, January 29, 2010

The Painted Man - Book Review

I decided that everytime i read a novel i would make a little review of it here on my blog. Just because having a blog will help me in my writing style as well as giving me something else to write about that im interested in.

A few weeks ago i bought "The Painted Man," by Peter V Brett at a second hand book store. This is Peter Bretts first published novel and his writing style is similar to the late David Gemmell.

The Painted Man is set in a world where at dusk, a mist arises from the ground bringing wood, fire, stone and sand demons with it. These demons pray on anything they can catch but love to feast on humans. These demons are covered in heavy armor that no human weapon can penetrate. The only protection humans have is to hide in houses covered in ancient magical symbols that repel the demons from entering.

The story is set around 3 characters who, each in their own lives have suffered not only from the demon attacks, but also from the imprisonment that humans undergo in order to stay alive.

Until the main character, Arlen, stumbles upon an ancient ruin that contains ancient symbols and wards not seen in the modern world.
From here Arlen begins his fight against the demons and in doing so gives the land new hope,strength and courage not seen in 300 years.

And the fight against the demons begins.

This is one of the best books i have ever read. The sequel comes out in april this year and the author has already sold the rights to make all 3 movies.
I serisouly cant wait to read the next one

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