Saturday, January 23, 2010

Training in Melbourne

Ive been down in Melbourne for a week now and its been fantastic training.
I am staying at Ivos house and we have been training like crazy people. Feels like we are in japan, but not there cos its hotter here.
We have been switching between his judo club Western judo Academy and Dominance MMA which is run by Daniel Kelly (3 X Olympian) and his partner Maria Pekli (5 X Olympian and 3rd in Sydney Olympics) The training has been awesome.
So I'm pretty wrecked now and am looking forward to our session tomorrow morning before going to the pool for some recovery.

We are preparing for the BAsh for Cash in Adelaide and then 2 weeks afterwards is the first big Aussie comp of the year the ACT Open.
My weight is managing well and i have begun being more stricter on my diet (although my slushie craving is still occuring.)

Im looking forward to once again an action packed year of judo, training, wrestling and hopefully i can squeeze in some bjj comps (maybe even try for abu dhabi in the next few years.) Ive also got school as well as hanging out with my wife and helping out with the youth at church. Hopefully i can help pass on the good message of the bible to the younger generations being raised in the church.

I was unlucky enough not to be able to particpate in a seminar/session with 3 X Abu dhabi champ Robert Drysdale. Who is probably more famous for being Frank Mir and Forrets griffins grappling coach.
Im looking forward to the open mat this Australia Day at Dominance because there are many high level bjj guys who train there. One great aspect of Dominance is the fact that all the compeitors there compete in compeitions. so they are guys who can actually apply their technqiues in compeition.

Anyway im off to bed and looking forward to tomorrow.

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