Monday, May 24, 2010

Some photos

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  1. dear mr daquino. i am writing in regards to the top picture of the black man wearing headphones. what is the point of this picture? what does this black man have to do with judo, bjj, or even blogging? what is he looking at? a bird? or does he suffer from drug induced hallucinations?? i notice he is wearing earphones, and i can relate to him as i also wear earphones. what were the earphones plugged into? ipod? walkman? or was he just wearing earphones by themselves as a fashion accessory? upon futher looking, i beleive that my last observation was correct, as he looks rather dim. it is my opinion, as a very important member of the public, that you sir, have failed epically to capture the essence and life of this man. it is also a terribly tragic shot and makes me concentrate on the scenery more, which im sure is not what you intended. if you see this man, please buy him a cheap mp3 player so he can at least have something to listen to, and put his earphones to correct usage. i am worried that the earphones will never fulfill thier destiny. also, matt daquino is sexy.