Friday, May 21, 2010

Day before Rio Grand Slam

All i swell here in Rio. We have trained everyday for an hour or so but very intense training sessions. Today as it is friday, i will back it up a little bit as i have to sauna this arvo but only 2kg so should be pretty easy.
Nothing much else is really going on, the first day we were here we walked up and down copacabana beach a few times and then tried to deal with the effects of good ol jet lag.
Im pretty excited to fight tomorrow as the Rio grand Slam is a pretty big competition. Im feeling pretty good and fit and because ill make weight relativley easy im very confident in fighting well.

Today im just going to take it easy, watch a few movies, got to the gym and have a sweat up, get my lower back rubbed down and thenmaybe have a light lunch and hit the sauna tonight before weigh in tomorrow morning.
The draws are done today at 2pm, it is always interesting to see who you will draw and whether you know anything aboput how they fight.

At the moment the weather hasnt been very rio like with overcast days and rainy weather, it s abit of a shame because its always easier to make weight when the weather is hotter.
Also the massive Jesus statue is closed at the moment, what a massive shame that is. I was really looking forward to going up there and having a look but its getting refurbished so the road is too dangerous to go up and the entire statue is covered in construction.

Thats it form me.
Have an awesome weekend.
You can watch thr Grand Slam live on if you have decent internet connection.


  1. Lynne D'AquinoMay 21, 2010 at 5:22 PM

    Hi Matt,

    Hope you do well in the comp, sort of wish i was there, However not with the 36 hour flight,,,etc Love you ,,,,,,mum x

  2. Good Luck Matt!! Hope it goes well.


    Steve in Queensland