Monday, May 24, 2010

I got destroyed in Rio

Rio grand slam
At the grand slam I drew Galstyan from Russia. He is good judo player with a world ranking for 9 at the moment. As all Russians are he is a strong player, lefty with uchimata good use of sweeps and grips.
I knew what I needed to do in order to beat him...control the inside and the sleeve but I the first 15 seconds of the fight he entered with a huge uchimata that was so huge I had enough time to over rotate myself and land on my face for no score.
About 30 seconds later he had the inside lapel as well as sleeve control and entered for a nice tai otoshi for waza ari and then landed in a good position for a juji gatame armlock which he got on me.
A massive let down on my part, I knew the strategy I needed to employ for the fight and I didn’t fight hard enough to bust grips off and move. As Danny k says I compromised with the grips and got destroyed. No good no good at all. He ended up taking 3rd place losing to the Japanese in the semi final.
Now we are at the training camp with training in the mornings for one and a half hours of randori (fighting) and tonight we go back again for a another 2 hours of randori. So today we trained, came home for a quick lunch, sat at the beach and talked for a while now I’m back in our room watching some survivor and having a snooze before training tonight.

My weight is all good and I’m so keen to fight in the world cup next week.

Here is a quick cliup on the internet of the uchimata he threw me with, this clip doesnt show how i lost by the armbar though.
Talk soon

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  1. Hard Luck! You had a tough draw, it's a shame you did not get another fight- not a big fan of the new system....;(