Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now in Sau paulo...

After training today we had an afternoon off where we went sightseeing. Unfortunately the jesus statue was so covered in fog we couldnt see it at all. It was crazy we were standing about 10 metres from it and couldnt see it at all.
Attached are some photos of the beach, noticed the huges waves.
We also want halfway up sugarloaf mountain but once agin it was too foggy to seeanything from the top. Although i did get to see one of those little spider monkeys i saw last time.

We left Rio this morning at 5am and travelled to sau paulo by plane and arrived at around 2pm. tomorrow i will train in the morning and then depending on how much weight i have to drop i will probably sauna the remaining weight. I am keen as to fight this world cup and more excited to win some fights and up my world ranking in order to have the best shot at maing the Olympics in 2012.

Talk soon

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