Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sau Paulo World Cup

Sau Paulo world cup overview.

First off, I had a pretty good draw but didn’t manage to fight anywhere near my potential and so I lost first round to the Mexican, I lost by 2 yukos. I had 2 shidos and with 40 seconds to go he threw me for a yuko to really shut me out of winning the fight.
Making weight for me went really well, I trained and used the sauna for only about 2kg and was fresh as a daisy making weight. Night before comp I didn’t have the best sleep, the traffic out the window was very loud and because sometimes you get paranoid that you can’t sleep and so then you can’t.
I woke up at 5:50am and hopped on the trial scales, I was 200grams heavy so I quickly went up to the gym and ran on the treadmill for 7 minutes and lost 300 grams to weigh in at 59.9kgs.
I drew the Mexican first round and I knew who he was as I had trained with him last week at the training camp in Rio. I knew he liked drop seoi nages and ground work.
Most of the fight was actually spent on the ground me trying to lock up a half guard and stay out of hold-down’s and arm locks, I don’t know if he was really going for them or he was just wasting time but I think about 2 minutes of the fight was spent on the ground.
Throughout the fight I didn’t raise the intensity or use my feet very much and this, among other things really did cost me the fight. He ended up losing the next round and coming nothing. I really really need to be winning those fights if I have any hope of making the Olympics in London, good draws like that one don’t come around every day and I need to step up and take advantage of them.
Anyway now today the others are fighting so I will go and watch them before having a few days off (doing who knows what) before we leave here on Tuesday arvo. I am so looking forward to coming home and having a quick rest before fighting in the nationals as my weight management has been fantastic since being over here and I am looking at building on it when I return in order to prepare myself for the times when I am fighting a few competitions in a row.

Talk soon

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