Friday, September 23, 2011

Workouts for Judo special $10 off for 7 days only

I have been competing internationally for eleven years now and I have seen so many Judo players lose matches purely because their fitness and conditioning wasn't up to scratch. People tend to forget that when you are too tired to stand up it doesn't matter how good your technique is, you are still probably going to lose. Luckily for Judokas being tired only means getting thrown, strangled or arm-locked opposed to boxing or other striking sports where you can get knocked out. 
Therefore if you want to succeed in Judo you must have a certain level of physical fitness. Unfortunately the physical fitness needed for Judo isn't as easy as saying you must be able to run 15 on the beep test and bench press three times your body-weight. Each Judoka has a different technical level and different attributes needed to succeed in the sport.
Workouts for Judo is designed to get you to that base level of fitness needed to be able to utilize your technique on an opponent who is fighting back.
Having a fitness and conditioning program designed specifically for Judo will instantly increase your fitness, strength, balance and agility which are all needed on the mat. Having these physical attributes will result in increasing your attack rate and help you become a fitter more pro-active Judoka.
I wrote Workouts for Judo because I love educating people. I have a YouTube channel and a blog where I have helped thousands of Judokas in all aspects of their Judo game, whether it is technical, physical or mental skills.
I have seen so many Judo players in the gym performing body building strength programs or programs designed for power lifting and although they have aspects that can benefit Judo it is not as beneficial as doing a Judo specific fitness and conditioning program.

I have a passion for teaching people how I train, what I do and the workouts I have implemented in order to achieve maximum results for my own training and Judo competition. As a result I have represented my country at the Beijing Olympic Games as well as competed in four world championships, nine continental championships and multiple world cups around the globe. I know how annoying it is to go to training and gas out and not get the most out of yourself. I know how important it is to be fit enough to keep on fighting, evading your opponent's attacks as well as getting in your own attacks and combinations.
I have found that many Judokas' don't know how to train for Judo. I saw many Judo players completing bodybuilding programs for strength or running long distances as part of their cardio training.
I was constantly telling people that:
"In order to attain the best results you must train specifically for your sport."
Therefore we must train like Judo players.
In workouts for Judo I have workouts designed specifically for Judo and if you implement these workouts into your weekly schedule you will be fitter, faster and stronger for Judo.
Even better is the fact that for $27 you also receive video demonstrations of each and every exercises as well as Advanced Workouts for Judo -  for those who really want to push themselves to the limit.
If you want to learn more simply visit theWorkouts for Judo website and get your discounted copy today,  (only 6 days left of this amazing offer)

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