Thursday, September 29, 2011

24 Hours to go -

Every workout in this Workouts for Judo can be completed at home or at any fitness facility in the world. These workouts do not contain expensive equipment such as rubber bands, tyres or ab rollers. These workouts use minimal equipment so you can do them just about anywhere there is room.
I have used these workouts in hotels all over the world to prepare for tournaments and get the best possible training in before I fought.
Workouts for Judo will give you the ability to:
·         - Increase Overall Fitness
·         - Fight harder for longer
·         - Increase Strength and Power
·         - Improve your Balance and Co-ordination
·         - Increase your level of Agility
·         - Increase Foot and Hand Speed
For only $27 you will have your very own fitness and conditioning manual written exclusively by an International Judo Olympian.
You will also receive Advanced Workouts for Judo as well as Video Demonstrations of each and every workout to make sure you do them 100% correctly.
Get your hands on a copy today by heading to Workouts for Judo today.
If you have any questions please do not forget to ask.
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