Thursday, September 8, 2011

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Last few week

Well the last  few weeks have been pretty Interesting and I thought I would do a quick blog post about what I have been upto. 
A few weeks ago I competed in the world championships in Paris. I knew it would be tough as it is less than a year to the end of Olympic selection and everyone is fighting for points that will help their ranking on the world ranking list. 
In order to qualify for the Olympics you must be within  top 22 countries in the world. but it is not the top 22 people but Countries. So fee example as an individual I am currently  ranked 24th in the world but there are five countries in front of me who have 2 people in the top 22 rank - and only 1 of them can go. If you minus the double ups then I am currently ranked 19 out of the 22. So of the Olympics were selected today I would qualify my spot in the games. Too bad the Olympics are not selected until end of may 2012.
There is still a long journey ahead and I am excited about it.
I have had a pretty interesting year with injuries (maybe it is because I am getting older) but maybe it's just unlucky. At the end if last year I had a judoka from peru throw me when my wrist was bent and he landed with all his weight on it- I tore all the ligaments in the wrists and couldn't do any judo for close to two months.
After our Oceania championships I attempted a drop seoi nage and my opponent blocked it. I felt a massive pop and my rib slipping and sliding all over the place. After a long wait at the hospital thy said I couldn't do any exercise for 6 weeks as I had torn my rib cartilage. The next day I caught a stomach bug and I can tell you now vomiting with broken rib has been one ofthe most miserable days of my entire life. After that injury I missed our national championships but headed over to north and south America I placed 7th in both the Miami and el salavador world cups giving me an additional 32 points tothe world ranking list.
At the moment I am enjoying my time working at a small gym and breaking people's perceptions of how to train your core region as well as fixing squatting, bench press and rowing machine technique. 
I am also catching up on study with my degree in primary education. I am currently in the process of finishing my new ebook that is going to blow the judo world out of the water. It is an amazing product that I know so many judoka are going to benefit from- it is awesome
This week I have started running some bootcamps for people in the community wanting to get fit before summer and they have been great fun and the weather Around 7am has been amazing.
Talk to you all soon

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  1. I JUST went through a rib cartilage tear. Very annoying. I almost have no pain now, EXCEPT during ne waza when someone is riding on me hard, it still hurts. Definitely an annoying injury to come back from.

    Looking forward to your new ebook.