Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grip to Win by Rhadi and Jimmy Pedro

In-the-know Judo Players and Grapplers know, understand and accept the fact that gripping and the knowledge of gripfighting can single-handedly take an Average Grappler and launch them into the realm of GREAT in no time at all
Gripfighting is a grappler’s venom. By injecting it into your game you can literally use your hands like fangs to neutralize and paralyze your opponents and render them helpless as you go in for the kill!
When you understand, grasp, learn and uncover the “ins-and-outs” of the secret art of Gripfighting from two of the foremost experts in gripfighting instruction you will feel like an unstoppable machine!! And once you get a taste of this drug, you won’t be able to stop!

This question comes up all the time and here’s the best way that I can explain it to you. Jimmy Pedro is a 4-Time Olympian and a World Judo Champion. He lived for months at a time in Japan , trained all over the world and traveled internationally as young judo player.
Also his father was a top notch coach in the sport of judo and he also was an international judo player. Traveling to all the tournaments, training camps and team competitions easily cost over $30,000.00 a year. Jimmy even ran up a bill one year of $67,349.23
In 1992 Jimmy made his first appearance at the Olympic Games and in 1991 Jimmy Pedro won his first medal at the World Championships by placing third. Which means that Jimmy has been on the top of the judo world for 12 years. If you include the 14 years that he spent to get to that level, then you are looking at 24 years of total high level judo and gripping instruction and experience. If you multiply 22 years by $30000.00 you will quickly see that Jimmy Pedro easily has over $660,000.00 dollars worth of gripfighting information in his head.

Grip to win comes with 3 modules with some really great content. The best part of Grip to win is the question and answer section with both Jimmy pedro and Rhadi Ferguson. Here is where Rhadi and Jimmy answer some common gripping strategies such as attacks against stiff arms and ways to develop better grip strength.

To learn more about Grip to win simply click the image below of Inoue and Riner having a gripping battle. 

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