Friday, November 11, 2011

Competition day tomorrow

Today I haven't really done too much, had a bit of a jet lagged late night watching blade with my room mate before falling asleep around midnight. I had a great sleep and woke and jumped straight on the bus to watch my team mates compete. 
My club mate duke drew an Argentinian who was rather defensive and ended up throwing duke for two counters for waza ari each.
Aussie -57kg player Carlo renZi beat the legend Isabelle Fernandez in a tight match by two penalties. That is the 2nd time carli has beaten Fernandez and it shows how much of a top level judoka carli is.
 It is at the moment Daniel Kelly and mark anthony are fighting for bronze with jake Andrewartha also fighting for bronze.
I got a bit of a sweat up today training with club mate Debbie hill. I retuned back to the hotel early to read Brock lesnars book (it's actually ok) and the hopefully ill hVe an early night.
Tomorrow in the competition I am the number 2 or 3 seeded player and I drew an unranked judoka from hong kong. You do get slightly excited when you get a player from a weaker nation but you always must humble yourself and remember that everyone is beatable. Therefore fight hard and don't make any mistakes and I should win each and every fight.
I'll let you know how I go on Facebook over the next few days do stay tuned
Have a great day

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