Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Samoa training Camp

Training camp here in Samoa was pretty sweet

Nicholas gill (multiple world and Olympic medallist) was running and teaching at the camp.

Each session consisted of a warm up ne waza instruction or armbars from guard or how to attack a turtle followed by 5 by 5 mins or ne waza randori. After this there was tachi waza instruction focussing on osoto gari. Attacks were osoto as a defence as a combination with ouchi, or ko soto gake as well as left vs right or harai into osoto and osoto into uchimata. To finish we did 7 by 5 minutes of tachiwaza in 2 groups.
All in all a good camp.

Today we did alot of sightseeing. We went and did some snorkelling in a coral reef (I got sunburnt) and we then had some maccas for lunch before heading to a place called sliding rock which is rock that has water and moss on it and you can slide down into water at the bottom. Now everyone is hanging down at the pool ready to go home in the morning.

See you all soon

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