Thursday, November 11, 2010

First day in Samoa..

We arrived in Samoa yesterday and got straight off the plane into bed. Due to the time differences in time zones and stuff we left Australia at 930pm on a Wednesday and arrived in Samoa on a Wednesday morning at 6am. We got off the plane and had a few hours sleep before going to judo training.

At training we did some uchikomi and nagekomi and a bit of rolling on the ground.
This year’s Oceania is going to be interesting. The points for this comp are worth 50% towards the Olympic Games. I’m definitely on looking to improve on my 3rd place last year and get a few wins together and bring home the gold.

I’m feeling pretty good, I have been training well my judo has improved and I’m fit as. I am keen as to fight and my weight management is great.

Tomorrow the heavyweights fight and i''ll be at the sauna losing some weight, and then I fight on Saturday.
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  1. Hey Matt, Thanks for the post. Good luck tomorrow!

    I was wondering how you're finding internet access over there. Is it fast or slow? mobile or wifi? And tell Carli if you don't mind, because she wanted to be able to get online also.

    Cheers mate