Monday, November 8, 2010

Nearly off to Samoa

Not long now and ill be off to Samoa for the Oceania World Cup. Its going to be awesome and im so keen to fight. Today i packed my bag and its when i pack my bag where i start getting prepped to make train, make weight and fight.
Im very excited. For the last few weeks i have been travelling upto Sydney to train at University of NSW as well as train at Bondi Dojo (BJJ Club.)

Im pretty keen to bettre my result from last year. Last year i came 3rd, i had a tough fight agasint the chinese guy who ended up winning it. This years as it is Olympic selection points it going to be interesting to see what countries are coming.

I heard that Nicholas Gill (multiple world meddallist and 2nd Sydney Olympics) is the guest coach for the training caamp avfter the comp.

Anyway enough of me im off to bed.

Also i hope you like me new look blog. I have done a few things to the side bar and have added some nicer photos with title. I think it looks good anyway.

Also dont forget to click the top left hand side to see my new website

Photo by Trevor Haldenby


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