Monday, March 8, 2010

Wrestling Nationals - 2nd place

A few weeks ago i found out that the Naionals for wrestling would be on in Canberra so i thought i would go along and have a wrestle and see how i went. I decided that because i had ACT open a few weeks ago i would keep my weight down and fight 60kgs at the wrestling nationals.
One awesome thing awesome about wrestling is that you weigh in the day before, so on thusday i didnt eat too much and Friday i saunaed off about 2kg. I weighed in at 59.7kg and then went off to judo training that night and did a few rounds of fighting.

I had 3 fights and won 2 and lost the final to the guy that represented australia at the comm games a few years ago.

Wrestling have 3 rounds. If you win 2 rounds you win the fight. You get different points depending on what type of throw or takedown you do as well as scoring a point for taking an opponents back or rolling them over on the ground. On the ground there are no submissions but if you pin your opponents 2 shoulder blades for half a second you win all 3 rounds automatically (almost like a knockout.)

In my first fight i fought a guy from Sydney and his training partner stayed near me in beijing so she knew i was a judo guy so she was telling him to stay away from a clinch and just shoot on my legs over and over. When he shot in once i took his back for a point and then i did a high crotch reversal for 2 points and then pushed him out 1 time to win the first round 4 -1. in the second round i out worked and out muscled and fitnessed him to win 4-0 and won the fight.

In my second fight i fought a tall skinny guy from canberra Ben, we had a good little biff i stepped out once to lose a point and then got a shoot turned to lose another 3 points but with 25 seconds to go i relaly piuled on the pressure knowing he was going to defend out the round and he somehow rolled from a single leg to me in side control (side mount) and just on the buzzer with 0 seconds on the clock i pinned him to win the fight.

In the final i fought the reigning aussie champ and aussie representitive from melbourne. He is a good wrestler and has been wrestling all his life. He won his first fight in 6 seconds and his second fight in 1 minute so i knew i had my work cut out for me.

I piled a heap of pressure on him in the first round, a wee bit too much pressure that he shot under me a few times and scored a point for taking my back. dont really fully understand the rules of wrestling as i did only do 1 day of actual wrestling the thursday before the competition, and he ended up winning the first round 5 or 6-1.
In the second round i came out very aggresive doing alot of slapping to his head and snap downs and really just draining his energy, i will post the videos up later but you can really see him lose heart and get very veyr tired throughout the second round. Unfortunatley once again putting a bit too much pressure on him he took my back 2 times and i think maybe got a takedown but he won the second round 4-2 so he won the match.
I was really happy with how i went, with 1 day of wrestling and not knowing the rules i beat 2 wrestlers and my fitness, stamina and intensity was great as well as my rehydration and refuleing measures the day before and day of the comp.
Im highly considering trying out for the commonwealth games for wrestling, espeicailly as i did so well with just my judo base but as long as the competitions dont clash with judo.

I would also like to say thanks to Witold for coaching me, his coaching is always clear and precise and is always a very passionate caoch in the chair.
Also thanks for Sam, mum steve nikki and oren for coming along and hanging out all day.

Ill post some videos up soon of my fights.

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