Sunday, March 7, 2010

World champ Cancer survivor

Rob Taylor is closing in on age 70. He’s a great-grandfather and cancer survivor. He overcame skin cancer in 1999 and then tonsil cancer in 2003. Four years later, the tonsil cancer returned. This time it was worse, as it had spread to the lymph nodes in his neck. He struggled through chemotherapy and repeated radiation treatments. He even lost his saliva gland.

Rob has certainly been through a lot. He doesn’t sit around and mope about the circumstances however. On the contrary, he remains as active and strong as most men half his age. He isn’t a lifetime lifter though. Rob didn’t begin powerlifting until he was 64 years old.

Yet, despite the late start, cancer didn’t stop him from getting back into the gym before his hair had time to grow back. It also didn’t stop him from becoming a record breaking lifter for his age group. He’s already pulled over 450 pounds and has his eyes set on 500.

Rob’s story is one of true inspiration. He’s overcome repeated battles with cancer and continues to defy age. He doesn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself. He’s too busy taking care of his family and busting ass in the gym. Hats off to him. I wish him continued success and health.

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