Saturday, March 6, 2010

New rules regarding Judo suits & Belts

The international judo federation have just recently updated their rules regarding judo suits at IJF sanctioned tournaments. All players must now buy new judo suits that have the IJF logo on the pants, belt and judogi.
This is for a number of reasons, the first being that they want all players to fighting in the exact same judo suit make, regardless of whether you are fighting in a mizuno, adidas or Dax gi they are all made to the exact same specifications as the ijf have stated.
This is a massive blow to all international judo players worldwide as you will be instantly disqualified from competition if your gi, belt and pants don't have the approved ijf badge on it.
It is also interesting to note that you can only buy certified gis from a certain number of suppliers, meaning that the smaller companies such as sports master and budo will no longer have players wearing their gis a top level due to the fact that they wont have the money to by the ijf badges in order to put on their gis.

This is annoying for all top judo fighters as we now have to go out and buy 4 new judo suits, but the worst part is i wont be able to fight in my awesome belt that i have, i will have to buy a new one.
Its OK for me as i am sponsored by but what about all the other players who are full time uni students with not much money to spare, its just an unnecessary expense for all athletes.

Anyway below is the letter from the ijf to all players.

On top of that, only a certain number of judo suit suppliers have been sanctioned to make gis a

Attention to : All National Federation
Dear Madam/Sir,
We would like to inform you that going forward; IJF is going to be very strict about
implementing the use of approved Judogi and belt. This strict rule is going to be effective from Grand Prix Championship in Tunis and can only be bought from approved supplier given below.

We will be very strict in testing and checking to ensure that approved Judogi and belt is used by all Judoka from approved suppliers. We request everyone to strictly abide by it.
National Federations are responsible for ensuring that their Judoka’s use approved Judogi and belt from approved suppliers only.

We will carry out tests from the Tunis championship onwards until end December 2010 in all the following championships as well: the Senior World Championships, the Junior World Championships, the World Championship Cadets, Grand Slam, Grand Prix, World Masters, Master World Cup (Veteran), World Open, World Team Championship, World Cup by National Teams, World Championship Kata, Olympic Games and all other IJF organized championships.

All IJF Approved Gis can be purchased at from September 2010 onwards

A nice ippon seoi nage

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