Monday, October 11, 2010

Finger Dislocation - Judo & BJJ

Finger dislocation is a common injury. It occurs when the bones of the finger are moved (dislocated) from their normal position. Finger dislocation can occur in any of the joints of any finger, but it occurs most often in the middle knuckle of the little, ring, middle, or index finger.

Accidents can cause a "jamming" force to be applied to the end of the finger, or the finger may be forcefully overextended. Either of these situations, or a combination of both, can result in a dislocation. Most common causes are getting your finger caught in your opponents gi or slamming your finger onto the mat and stubbing it.

It is not recommended that you treat a dislocated finger at home. A visit to your doctor or the emergency department is usually necessary.
If you have a dislocated finger, the finger will swell. To prevent further injury to the finger, immediately remove any jewelry, such as rings. Also apply an ice pack to your injured finger and elevate the hand above the level of your heart.

To prevent your finger being dislocated while grappling make sure you remove all rings and jewellery and maybe tape you fingers, this will help them be 'stronger' if you may injure it.

A dislocated finger may take anywhere from3 to 6 weeks to heal. make sure you continue to ice the finger and the doctor may subscribe anti inflams to help reduce swelling. To help the finger not lose any mobility or strength the doctor may give you exercises to perform.

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