Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dojos around the world

Swiss Open 2007

BJJ Seminar in France (With a Random Brazilian guy who has fought in UFC i dont know his name but.

Olympic Training Centre in Prague (2007)

French Federation de judo in Paris (the hardest place on the planet) i didnt throw anyone for 3 hours...not even a koka or a small score nothing

world Championships in Brazil 2007 (I won 1st round against an African and then lost to Uzbekistan)

CREPS in Strasbourg France (awesome facility )

USK Cup Prague 2007 (I came third lost to a guy from Poland)

St Gallen Tournament in Switzerland (I came first won all 4 fights by ippon, and i had a good hard fight against a guy from Mexico in the final)

German Open 2008 (Lost 1st round to a guy from England, i had very bad prep and made weight really badly, fought terribly)

Beijing Olympics

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  1. I love these photos, I have actually fought at the one in Prague, brings back some great memories for me.