Monday, July 19, 2010

The Judo Podcast

A few weeks ago i was interviewed by the guys at Gene Shin and Mike Daretr are founders of the site and were interested in taalking to me about my Beyond Grappling site here as well as my experience as a competitive fighter for Australia.

We talked about the intergration of BJJ into judo and Judo into BJJ as well as how and where australia is going in terms of junior development.
I was a bit nervous to do the interview and after listneing to it definetly could have answered some questions better and i forgot to mention Hitoshi Kimura who helped organise my trip to Tsukuba and has been a great help for me at the last few national raining camps as well.
I found (because im a bit of a talker) i didnt want to mumble too much, especially with the Aussie accent, i tried to talk clearly and to the point and in doing so stuffed up a bit.
But anyway have a listen and id like to thank the guys at the judo podcast for having me on their show.
For people who are ineterested in anything to do with judo, whether it be the traditional stuff, competitive or you just love the sport the judo podcast has some great interviews with many famous people such as jimmy pedro and nicholas gill talking about relevant issues regarding judo.

to listen to my pocast click here

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