Friday, July 9, 2010


For the past few weeks i have been training at Tsukuba University on Japan. It is the third time ive been to Tsukuba and each time the training has been great. Training is the same most sessions with the same warm ups and usually 10 X 6 minute rounds of Randori.

The first week i was getting throw a bit mainly due to the fact that it was so hot and it was hard to move and breath so i was pretty tired for most the sessions.
The second week i found my rhythm and really started concentrating on differents aspects of each fight, like dont let this guy throw you, control the sleeve etc.

This week i have been on fire really putting my techniques together and putting alot of pressure on the japanese. I have a dang lot of trouble with 2 of the 66kg players Ogura and Tanaka both ranked third in all japan. Ogura i have throw twice one for ippon and another a yuko while Tanaka is seriosuly impossible to even touch. He is super super strong and i cant do anything.

The training has been really good and i feel i have improved immensly. Everytime i have come back from japan i have fought my very best and im pretty sure this time will be no different.

I have been doing judo once a day and the other sessions i have been following my gym program and doing alot of rope pulling on this 35 metre rope we found.

The weather here has been alot better than home and i am not looking forward to the winter when i get back.

Talk soon

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