Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recent blog changes

At the moment i am in Japan and will be here for another 5 weeks. Due to the fact that i have alot of time on my hands i have been thinking a little bit about my blog. I have been playing around with a few things mostly the layout as well as the content.

Before i had the black background (and although this looked really cool) it made my blog look dark and menacing and a bit depressing to be honest. So i have decided to change it to this one which i will probably stick with.

I like the white, i think, it looks happy and nice and open.
I have also added a labels thing down on the right. If you click on them the posts i have added those labels to will come up in a big list.

For example if you click on on the pic of the week label. All posts that i have labelled ippon of the week will come up.
Also a search function etc.

I have been in Japan for a week now and training is going really well. the japanese of course are very good technically and due to the weather here, training is very very hot.

My days is spent in the morning either doing interval training on the exercise bike or my weights program (alternative days) and then judo in the afternoons.
One great aspect of Tsukuba University is the training isn't the same day in day out. It varies every session which is great because alot of other unis i have been to have been very monotonous.

Training usually consists of the same warm up everyday followed by a few rounds of speed uchikomi and then 50 moving attacks. Randori is always 6 minute rounds 3 or 4 times and then 3 sets of that.
So 3 X 6 minuntes 3 times.

Luckily for us the place we are staying has a great place where we can hot and cold bath which makes it really good and helps that little bit extra in the reovery process.

Anyway i hope you have liked the new look blog i have and hopefully learn something along the way
Talk soon

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