Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gripmaster from

I recently received a new product that Pat from now has in stock. It is called prohands and it is designed to strengthen not just your grip but each individual finger. It is a fantastic invention.

For hard grip fighting and grip breaking in Judo, and solid gi chokes in BJJ you must have a strong grip. If you dont have a strong grip you will find you wont have the edge in gripping your opponent in throws and takedowns or that little bit extra in order to finish that gi choke in BJJ.

Everyone has seen the devices that your squeeze really hard to strengthen your forearms (eg Captains of crush). But in Judo and BJJ you need the forearm strength of a power lifter as well as the finger strength of a rock climber. That's why the prohands is really useful.

I have found that exercises you can do with the prohands gripmaster strengthen both your forearms as well as each finger individually or in a combination.

The exercises for the gripmaster can be found at

I especially like the finger tip pinch, trigger grip and the flat fist.
To make sure i don't forget to use it i actually leave it in the drivers side door of my car and use it while i am at the traffic lights or when my wife is driving the car.

I highly recommended that grapplers at all ability levels buy and use the gripmaster on a regular basis to help strengthen each finger as well as your forearms muscles, it will really help your ability to hold your opponents gi whether they are trying to break your grip or not.

If you are interested in purchasing a gripmaster head too..


  1. Which size do you suggest?

  2. it depends on how strong your grip is in general. if u are an experienced judo player than go for the 9lbs if your a beginner get the lighter one