Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy start to 2012

Over the last week I travelled down to Melbourne for a weeks training camp. While I was down in Melbourne I was looked after by Australian 66kg fighter Ivo dos santos from Ivo is currently ranked 14 in the world and will wreck some havoc at this years Olympic games that's for sure.
We trained 2-3 times a day with technique drilling, gym work, Brazilian jujitsu and a stack of randori. At the moment I am on the plane and am stiff and sore from the past week but my weight is down and I am in good shape for the month ahead.

Every year for the past three Years I have been travelling down to Melbourne to stay and train with Ivo and a lot of judoka from Melbourne take the time to come to the extra session Ivo puts on. A big thanks to Ashley dafter, Patrick, Ben Donegan, Pat Rottura, Sunny, Sam, Dennis, Abdullah and Omar.

The main reason I went to Melbourne was in preparation for a big month of competitions. Starting next weekend I will have 4 comps in a row.
I will be competing in my home state of act in the ACT International Open before flying off to Germany to compete in the Dusseldorf grand slam, then off to Czexh republic to compete in the Prague world cup before flying home and competing in the Queensland International open in Brisbane.
It will be a busy first half of the year due to the fact that I didn't do too well in the Oceania world cup and the Asian comps at the end of 2011. Therefore I have to travel over to Europe and nab some points for the world ranking list.
At the moment I am just outside of qualifying but if I defend my Oceania title and win a few fights over in Europe I should secure my spot in the London Games.

Once again I would like to thank you for your continual encouragement and support as I strive to get to my second Olympic Games.

Yours in Judo
Matt D'Aquino

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  1. MATT you are a gun!!!! wish you all the best. I'll keep checking for updates.