Sunday, September 5, 2010

Here in Japan

For the past few days we have been at Tsukuba University in Japan. I spent 6 weeks here only a month ago and it is strange to come here with a team instead of with myself, my wife and Brent.

We arrived here on Tuesday and began training on Wednesday. It s a bit awkward going from Australia to American and dealing with the jet lag. We spent 4 days in the USA and then we flew back across the times lines to Japan (which is 1 hour behind Australia) and we are now once again dealing with jet lag.

Japan has been super duper hot and at training you sweat around 3 kilos 9after drinking 1.5) throughout the session. Then it takes you hours and hours to rehydrate using salt tablets to help you out.

Today was Sunday so we did a bit of training in the morning for an hour so so and then headed into Tokyo. I have been into Akihabara (electric town) so many times that I took my camera and only took like 5 photos. And it was of me with a samurai sword stabbing Duke.

Last time I was here my Wife and I wanted to go to church. So we ended up finding one in Ochanamizu in Tokyo and went there. It was a great church called New Hope that do bilingual messages twice every Sunday. So today my team mate Mark and I went there and had a good time. It was good to head to church.

Throughout the week I have been doing a stack of schoolwork trying to catch up but it has been actually quite enjoyable to do some. Makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere with my degree. For those who don’t know I’m studying a bachelor of Primary Education.

This Tuesday we move out of our accommodation and move into the official hotel for the world championships. I’m really looking forward to fighting and just giving it my all you know. Unfortunately I’m on Sunday so that’s a whole week away. But that’s ok it will give me a chance to watch some of the famous big names and film some fights for my new YouTube channel Beyondfitness1

Make sure you jump on there and check it out.
See you all soon

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  1. Have you been to Omotesando / Harajuku / Meiji-jingu? They are quite interesting.

    There also a really nice restaurant in Ochanomizu that beats McD all the way.,-122.817729&sspn=0.012905,0.026286&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=T%C5%8Dky%C5%8D+Metropolis,+Japan&ll=35.69282,139.766779&spn=0.014952,0.026286&z=16&layer=c&cbll=35.696216,139.763861&panoid=Fq_TWefsVlCJlFtesnA-3A&cbp=12,130.67,,0,3.35