Sunday, April 11, 2010

UFC 112, Go Matt, Edgar and Meia

Annderson Silva is a bit of a fruit loop. He is an amazing fighter with alot of skills but once agin showed no real tenacity to end the fight, he was happy playing the air guitar and taunting Damien meia with screams and crawling on the ground like a weirdo. But he still got the win.
Good on you Meia your a champ and its a shame you had to fight such a show boating idiot that didn't want to fight when all you wanted to do was play the sport of MMA not chase the guy round the cage for 25 minutes.

Frankie Edgar knocking off BJ Penn for the lightweight title. Edgar fought out of his skin and moved and moved and was a fantastic all round MMA Fighter. he threw kicks, punches take downs everything and nothing was the same. He seems to be a very smart, technical and very fit fighter and fought so so well.
Congrats to him.

Matt threw 1000 million leg kicks to wear out and TKO Renzo Gracie. Matt hughes did really show any real tenacity to win the fight, it seems like he will probably be at training today for his next fight. He really needs to step it up a notch and focus on his takedowns and ground and pound as he is one of the best at it. Not striking. But in the end he got the win over another Gracie so good on him. Go Matt.

Davis sinking in a deep deep Anaconda choke to finish the fight

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